Venture Debt Resources


What is venture debt?

Venture Debt on Wikipedia

Venture Debt: A Capital Idea for Startups by Kauffmann Fellows

What is debt financing? by Investopedia

Venture Debt (video lecture) by the Buffalo School of Management


Termsheets and standard forms

Two Page Termsheet by Point Nine

Series A Term Sheet by Foundry Group

Series A Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement by Foundry Group

Investor Rights Agreement by Foundry Group

Co-Sale Agreement by Foundry Group

Voting Agreement by Foundry Group

Series A Restated Certificate of Incorporation by Foundry Group

NVCA Model Documents

Techstars Seed Documents

Y-Combinator Seed Documents

Series Seed Documents


Venture debt and fundraising directories and databases

Fundraising Bot by Datastarta. A bot with an access to a database of 3150 angel investors.

Investor Scout – A database of 45k+ investors to raise your seed round

Business Angel List – Over 10,000+ Business Angels listed from around the world!


Startup and startup fundraising resources

Startup Economics – Understand how funding events will affect your startup

Fundraising Field Guide – Field guide for early stage high-growth companies

Startup Launch List -​ Articles you need to read before launching a startup.

Startup Fundraising – A collection of tools & resources for startup fundraising


Venture Capital Calculators

Equity Calculator – Figure out what your equity is worth