Launching A Venture Debt Lender Directory

We’re excited to announce the launch of The Directory of Venture Debt, a free site that helps software entrepreneurs, CEOs, or CFOs find lenders to fuel their growth. 

Identify the most appropriate venture debt lenders for your software business, based on stage, geography, and financial situation. 

The directory also enables personal introductions, connecting you directly with the right people at these firms to increase your odds or getting their attention and a financing proposal. 

There are over 150 venture debt lenders, each with unique geographic, stage, risk, and sector mandates. The process of finding the right lender today remains unnecessarily opaque and archaic, with the most common discovery process being BOD member introductions drawn from narrow and perhaps outdated personal lender relationships.

At my former venture fund, we had a shared spreadsheet of “Go To” lenders. It had maybe 20 lenders on it, but many of them were no longer in business or had been acquired. Similarly, the contacts often had moved to other firms. By contrast, we speak with these lenders almost daily and have analysts to help ensure we have the most complete and up to date information on lenders.

Our goal is to offer the definitive free directory of venture lenders and more efficiently connect entrepreneurs to debt capital. We welcome input regarding how to make this directory more helpful to entrepreneurs, lenders, and advisors.

Note that our initial emphasis is on the IT sector (software, SaaS, hardware, Internet, tech services), but we expect to expand sector coverage if the directory proves useful.

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